Monitoring and controlling solar collector's angle of Zabuye project in Tibet: BWSENSING helps to achieve double carbon goals.

July 27, 2023
Latest company news about Monitoring and controlling solar collector's angle of Zabuye project in Tibet: BWSENSING helps to achieve double carbon goals.

latest company news about Monitoring and controlling solar collector's angle of Zabuye project in Tibet: BWSENSING helps to achieve double carbon goals.  0

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In recent years, as the world has paid increasing attention to climate change and carbon emissions, the use of renewable energy has become an important way to promote carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In order to promote the development and utilization of green and low-carbon energy, China Shipbuilding New Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CSNP"), the company presided over the Zabuye project which becomes a model for sustainable development. The project adheres to the green and low-carbon concept through the integration of various clean energy technologies, include the inclinometer of BWSENSING, the real-time measurement of the relative angle of the solar collector has realized the intelligent management of energy supply, aiming at better way to deal with the double carbon challenges and climate change and provide a stable and reliable energy supply for Tibet.


Zabuye, Tibet is located on a plateau, rich in natural resources, but with complex climate conditions, the development of renewable energy has always been facing a series of challenges. With the implementation of the grid-load-storage integrated comprehensive energy supply project, it has provided local residents with a green and stable energy supply, and at the same time helped Tibet to cope with climate change and achieve double carbon goals. The key point of this project is the effective utilization of the heat collector, and the application of the inclinometer of BWSENSING has also played an important role in this aspect. As the information, the the inclinometer of BWSENSING is the angle measurement unit of SCA (the smallest heat collecting unit in this system), which is installed on the rotating head of the driving tower and rotates synchronously with the rotating head of the driving tower to measure and control the relative angle of the collector. The introduction of this technology marks an important step for the project in combating climate change and advancing the double carbon goals.


In this project, BWSENSING equipped it with an inclinometer BWM417H. BWM417H is a cost-effective single-axis tilt sensor with the latest MEMS technology and digital output developed by BWSENSING. The measuring range is ±180°, the highest accuracy is 0.01°, and the working temperature is -40°C-+85°C. The product uses a high-precision MEMS accelerometer and a high-resolution differential digital-to-analog converter with built-in automatic compensation and filtering algorithms to minimize errors caused by environmental changes.
It converts the change of the static gravitational field into the inclination angle change, and directly outputs the horizontal tilt value by digital means. This product has high long-term stability, small temperature drift, simple use and strong resistance to external interference. It is the best choice for measurement and mapping, solar CSP tracking, and industrial automation and other industries. This high-precision, high-reliability technical equipment ensures that it always maintains the best angle with the sun's rays by measuring the relative angle of the collector in real time. With the help of inclinometer, the project team can flexibly adjust the angle of the collector at different times and seasons to maximize the capture of sunlight energy, improve heat collection efficiency, and reduce energy waste. The application of this technology is of great significance in terms of energy saving, emission reduction and realization of green energy supply.


latest company news about Monitoring and controlling solar collector's angle of Zabuye project in Tibet: BWSENSING helps to achieve double carbon goals.  1


The use of this sensor not only brings efficiency improvements to the operation of the project, but also helps to promote the realization of the double carbon goals in Tibet. As the international community pays close attention to the issue of climate change, CSNP and BWSENSING actively responded to and implemented the national carbon emission reduction policy, and implemented the concept of sustainable development. By optimizing the operation angle of the collectors and reducing energy loss, the project is expected to contribute to the carbon emission reduction in Tibet and the wisdom of Tibet to build a carbon-neutral society.


The person in charge of this project said: "BWSENSING's inclinometer has anti-interference ability and durability, which enables the sensor to operate stably under harsh environmental conditions and adapt to the climate characteristics of alpine regions. The long-term stable operation of the project provides a strong guarantee."


The successful implementation of the integrated energy supply project of Zabuye source network will make important contributions to the economic and social development and environmental protection in Tibet. By reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing dependence on fossil energy, the project is expected to become a model for Tibet's green and low-carbon development, and it also sets a positive example for China's and the world's double carbon goals.


CSNP said that in the future, it will continue to explore the application of more advanced technologies, optimize project operation, and help Tibet to achieve more environmentally friendly and sustainable energy development goals. At the same time, they also hope that through the successful experience and achievements of the project, they can contribute to promoting the global efforts to combat climate change and jointly build a better low-carbon future.