Wuxi Bewis Sensing Technology LLC

  • China Wuxi Bewis Sensing Technology LLC company profile
  • China Wuxi Bewis Sensing Technology LLC company profile
  • China Wuxi Bewis Sensing Technology LLC company profile
  • China Wuxi Bewis Sensing Technology LLC company profile
Main Market Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Worldwide
Business Type Manufacturer
No. of Employees 100~200
Year Established 2010
Export p.c 60% - 70%


BWSensing Technology LLC (BWSENSING) is an innovative fast growing company established in 2010. The company was born in The Institute of Microelectronics (IME) of Peking University.We have achieved the top spot in the middle and high-end industry applications in the Chinese market.From 2019, BWSENSING ® is approved as our global brand.
With 10 years experience in the research-design-development and manufacture of a range of Inertial sensor technology, BWSENSING posses the skills, knowledge and experience to provide fully integrated OEM/ODM design and manufacturing services for Inclinometer, Electronic Compass, IMU, AHRS, GNSS/INS andFiber Optic Gyroscope.
As the company co-founder Dr. Guangyi Shi said, we will use the Accurate and Cost-effective sensors to make a greater contribution to the global society for a better IoT world.
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2010    SET UP

Support by Wang Yangyuan AcademicIan,Microelectronics expert.



Won the National Innovation Fund, Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Support and other support.



Branch companies have been set up in Ningbo,Xiamen,Europe,North America and other places.

BWSENSING initially established a global layout.



Move into the self-purchased building of the headquarters and complete the drafting of National Standards.



The test center was completed;

Won the Gold Award of 2018 World Expo.



Won the Gold Award of 2019 World Expo;

Selected as one of the top ten projects in the National Sensing Demonstration Zone.


2021    LOT FUTURE

The engineering center was completed;

Selected into the China Management Case Base.


BWSENSING focus on the inertial sensing technology, and make efforts in the beautiful IOT world. BWSENSING has hundreds of models of inclination sensor, electronic compass, attitude reference system (AHRS), inertial measurement unit, optical fiber gyroscope, integrated navigation, tilt switch and other products, which fully meet the needs of all kinds of inertial attitude measurement, in transportation, engineering machinery, aerospace, energy and power Medical devices and other fields have played an important role.

Our Team

More than 30% of the company's employees have master's or doctoral degrees, and 50% of the R & D and technical personnel. The company has gathered a number of IEEE fellow, ASME fellow, winners of the "Hundred Talents Program" of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and 973 chief scientists. It has undertaken national key science and technology projects for many times, established long-term cooperative relations with Peking University, University of Electronic Science and technology and Zhejiang University, cooperated in cutting-edge technology research and talent training, and jointly cultivated postdoctoral students in the direction of MEMS sensors with Zhejiang University.

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