BWSENSING Escorts New Energy Vehicles Into A New Era Of Safe Charging

July 20, 2023
Latest company news about BWSENSING Escorts New Energy Vehicles Into A New Era Of Safe Charging

latest company news about BWSENSING Escorts New Energy Vehicles Into A New Era Of Safe Charging  0

Recently, BWSENSING and VREMT successfully reached a cooperation , and successfully applied the inclinometer to the electric vehicle charging pile. This cooperation will greatly improve the safety performance of charging piles, effectively prevent tilting caused by natural dumping or vehicle collision, and further promote the reliability and safety of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.


The successful application of this cooperation shows great significance for promoting the development and popularization of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. With the continuous expansion of the electric vehicle market, the stability and safety of charging piles have become an urgent problem to be solved. With the help of inclinometer technology, charging piles can issue early warnings in the face of natural disasters or accidental vehicle collisions to avoid further damage and risks.


As an important technological innovation of BWSENSING, the inclinometer is a high-precision device that can sense the inclination angle of an object. Through its precise inclination detection function, it can monitor the inclination of the charging pile in real time, providing a reliable guarantee for the stability of the charging pile. The successful application of this technology will enable the charging pile to monitor and detect its own inclination in real time, and trigger alarms and protective measures in time when an abnormal inclination is found to prevent further dumping or accidents, and remind relevant personnel to take measures to avoid potential safety risks.


In this cooperation, BWSENSING equipped a self-developed inclinometer BWK226S. BWK226S is a digital output low cost dual-axis inclinometer, adopting the latest industrial level MEMS accelerometer. Its measuring range is ±90°, highest accuracy is 0.2°, working temperature is -40℃~+85℃, the product with a small size and low weight, can meet space-restricted application requirements. This product converts static gravity field changes into angle changes, It outputs horizontal angle values directly by digital, this product has the advantages of low cost, small temperature drift, simple to use, and strong resistance to external disturbances. It is an ideal option for attitude measurement in photovoltaic power(PV), PTZ control, tower turbines monitoring and other industries. In this project, the sensor has a highly sensitive tilt detection function, which can send out an alarm signal in time when the charging pile is tilted, providing a reliable monitoring and early warning means for the safe operation of the charging pile.

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For VREMT, this cooperation marks another major breakthrough in the field of charging pile safety. Manager Lv from BWSENSING, who is in charge of this project, said in an interview: "We are very honored to cooperate with VREMT and jointly promote the application of inclinometer technology in the field of charging piles. This is a project full of challenges. We believe that the successful application of this technology will make an important contribution to the safety and reliability of electric vehicle charging facilities."


The success of this cooperation not only demonstrates the outstanding strength of BWSENSING in the field of inertial sensor technology, but also reflects the leading position of VREMT in the intelligent new energy vehicle industry. The joint efforts of two companies not only promote the deep integration of technology and industry, but also provide a useful reference for the intelligent upgrade of new energy vehicle charging facilities.


The cooperation between BWSENSING and VREMT is not limited to this time. The two parties also will have a deeper cooperation plan in future technology research and development and marketing. It is believed that with the joint efforts of both parties, more intelligent charging pile facilities with stronger safety performance will emerge in the future, contributing to the promotion of sustainable development. Looking forward to more achievements of the cooperation between the two parties in the future, injecting new impetus into the development of the new energy vehicle industry!