BWSENSING assisted world's first liquid oxygen-methane rocket successfully entered orbit!

July 14, 2023
Latest company news about BWSENSING assisted world's first liquid oxygen-methane rocket successfully entered orbit!


In this week, developed by the Chinese rocket company LandSpace, the Zhuque-2 is the world's first rocket to be powered by liquid oxygen-methane fuel and successfully enter its planned orbit. This marks a new milestone in China's aerospace industry. As part of this exciting event, the inclinometer sensor developed by BWSENSING for the attitude measurement of the rocket before launch played an important role in this mission, which also marks BWSENSING's development in the aerospace field. The technical capability and innovative strength have been affirmed, and have laid a solid foundation for future space exploration.


This launch vehicle has become the world's first liquid oxygen-methane rocket that has successfully entered orbit, marking a major breakthrough in the application of new low-cost liquid propellants in China's launch vehicle. According to Zhang Changwu, founder and CEO of LandSpace, liquid oxygen-methane is a recognized propellant development direction for global aerospace, because it is easy to obtain and can better meet the needs of commercial aerospace for low-cost and high-frequency launches. The properties of carbon-free and glue-free are more beneficial to the reusability of rocket motors. At the same time, he said that LandSpace started its business when China's aerospace development for more than 60 years. It has the responsibility and need to take an innovative path to fill a gap in the domestic aerospace field. (Source From: Internet)


As a leader enterprise of inertial sensors, BWSENSING has an excellent reputation in the aerospace field. The high-precision inclinometer sensor developed and produced by BWSENSING was selected as a key component of the Zhuque-2 to ensure the stabilization. This high-precision inclinometer sensor is a dual-axis ultra-high-precision inclinometer with MEMS technology and digital output developed by BWSENSING. The measuring range is ±30° and the highest accuracy can be reached to 0.001°. It is currently the industry's highest precision inclinometer. It uses a high-resolution differential digital-to-analog converter inside, with built-in automatic compensation and filtering algorithms, which minimizes errors caused by environmental changes. And convert the change of the static gravity field into the inclination angle, and directly output the current roll angle and pitch angle through the digital method. It is easy to install, simple to use, small size, anti-external electromagnetic interference, strong ability to withstand vibration impactthe, it is also the recommended choice for inclination measurement in industries such as automation! This high-precision measurement capability allows the spacecraft to remain stable in extreme environments, thereby ensuring the completion of the mission.


The application of BWSENSING's high-precision inclinometer sensor in the Zhuque-2 launch mission has been highly recognized and praised by the aerospace industry. It provides accurate attitude information for the control system of the spacecraft through real-time transmission of data, enabling the spacecraft to adjust its attitude in real time to respond to changes in the external environment and mission requirements. This inclinometer not only plays a key role in aerospace, but is also widely used in industrial automation, ship navigation, robotics and other fields. Its high precision and reliability make it to be the first choice for various key applications.


Dr. Yang from the R&D Department of BWSENSING said: "We are proud to have contributed to the successful launch of the Zhuque-2. BWSENSING is committed to promoting the innovation and development of inclinometer technology, providing high-precision, reliable solutions. We will continue to make greater contributions to China's space industry."


With the launch of the Zhuque-2 carrier rocket, China's aerospace field has reached a new level. At the same time, the application of BWSENSING's high-precision inclinometer also marks an important progress of China's aerospace technology in attitude control. It is expected that this progress will further promote China's development in the aerospace field and achieve greater breakthroughs and achievements for future space missions.