BWSENSING Technology Helps "Billboard Safety Monitoring System"!

July 15, 2022
Latest company case about BWSENSING Technology Helps "Billboard Safety Monitoring System"!

BWSENSING creates comprehensive solutions for all-round urban lifelines, from underground pipelines to above ground houses, billboards, towers, bridges, etc., involving all aspects of people's daily life.


Billboard Safety Monitoring:

Due to the long-term outdoor environment,the stability of billboards will be gradually reduced by external factors.Especially in the typhoon season, large billboards are prone to fall or collapse, posing a great threat to personal safety and public facilities.



Through the construction of the IOT, BWSENSING"Billboard Safety Monitoring System" establish archives for large steel structure billboards, electronic billboards, highway billboards, etc., and conduct digital network management. Through the installation of inclinometer, the inclination,vibration degree and other data of the billboards are transmitted to the management department in real time, realize automatic early warning according to the monitoring results,and deal with the potential safety hazards in time.


latest company case about BWSENSING Technology Helps "Billboard Safety Monitoring System"!  0


Value and advantages:

A.Unattended, 24h real-time and accurate monitoring,greatly saving labor costs and improving monitoring efficiency;

B.Built-in safety evaluation model and posture analysis and judgment algorithm,improving the fine management level of billboards;

C.Accumulate various data for multiple scenarios and dimensions, providing data support for urban safety and emergency command.