BWSENSING Excavator Intelligent Guidance System

July 6, 2022
Latest company case about BWSENSING Excavator Intelligent Guidance System

Project Overview:

It can solve all kinds of problems encountered in traditional construction. Even in the blind area of vision (such as underwater), the bucket can accurately complete the work, and carry out closed-loop control through the intelligent control system to identify the habits and common working conditions of users. The built-in traditional composite actions such as leveling and slope repair greatly reduce the dependence on operation experience and eliminate the cooperation of constructors and surveyors.



VG225E six-axis MEMS Micro Inertial Navigation System;

Dynamic accuracy 0.1 °, Positioning accuracy 1m, 5cm (RTK);

Full attitude use, surface contact installation, reduce mechanical wear.


Customer value:

One key setting, manual efficiency increased by more than 30%;

Under any position of the excavator, the slope leveling error can be within 0.5 °;

Improve the construction efficiency, reduce the safety risks of operators and save labor costs.