BWSENSING Collapse Monitoring Solution

August 5, 2022
Latest company case about BWSENSING Collapse Monitoring Solution

Collapse means the rock and soil cracking caused by internal dynamic geological processes such as crustal activity and external dynamic geological processes such as sunlight and rain.


Collapse will destroy buildings, sometimes even entire residential areas, and bury roads and railways. Collapse will not only lead to the direct destruction of buildings, but also often interrupt traffic and bring great losses to transportation.


BWSENSING adopts wireless micro power consumption geological disasters monitor, which mainly monitors the change of axial angle of dangerous rock mass, so as to achieve real-time monitoring and early warning of the whole collapse process. Monitoring points can be installed on dangerous rocks around mountains, highways and railways. When the monitoring data exceeds the set warning threshold, the alarm program can be started immediately to avoid casualties and reduce property losses.