Pressure scanner as new product released, leading the industry innovation.

December 20, 2023
Latest company news about Pressure scanner as new product released, leading the industry innovation.

latest company news about Pressure scanner as new product released, leading the industry innovation.  0

Chengdu BWSENSING, a subsidiary of BWSENSING, recently launched a new product - a high-precision pressure scanner. As a differential pressure test instrument with a measuring range of up to 40KPa and flexibly configurable 8/32/64 channels, this controllable product is used in key test instruments in scientific experiments, aerospace, industrial automation and other fields.


Product features lead the industry innovation


Pressure scanner have attracted much attention for their excellent performance and creative technical features. The main features of this product include:


  • High Precision: The product uses a high-quality and reliable differential pressure thin-film pressure sensing chip, and uses algorithms to ensure measurement accuracy. At the same time, the sealing design and strict processes ensure that the product can still accurately measure air pressure in harsh environments. Through various compensations such as air pressure correction system, nonlinear compensation, temperature compensation and drift compensation, errors caused by interference can be greatly eliminated and the product accuracy level can be improved.


  • Integrated small volume design: In terms of small volume design, the pressure scanner has a strong competitive advantage. The product provides more flexibility and applicability with size is L80.5*W20.5*H31.5 (mm), which is more compact than similar products. This product is a fully autonomous digital pressure scanner with a small volume, which can be easily integrated into the user's system.


  • Multiple data collection points: This product has multiple sets of test valves that circulate the pressure values in a scanning manner, and the rate can reach up to 200Hz. The ability of multiple data collection points provides users with more comprehensive and detailed information.


  • Digital output: By introducing digital output technology, the device can directly output the air pressure value in digital form, eliminating the need for converter accessories required by traditional analog devices. Its comprehensive accuracy can stably reach 0.05% of the total range.


  • Lower cost: On the premise of ensuring technological leadership, we have been committed to providing cost-effective solutions. The pressure scanner not only performs well in performance, but is also reasonably priced, providing customers in various fields with a cost-effective choice.


Widely used in various fields


The comprehensive features of the pressure scanner allow it to perform well in a variety of areas. Products are widely used in:


  • Scientific testing: In the field of scientific research, the product will provide stable and reliable pressure data support for wind tunnel testing and university research, and support various aerodynamic research.


  • Aerospace: In the aerospace field, pressure scanner will become an indispensable tool in the aircraft design and testing process, improving aircraft performance and safety.


  • Product design: Pressure scanner can be used for pressure monitoring in various engineering projects, such as large-scale industrial flow fields, impeller experiments, compressor experiments, etc. High-precision and reliable data can improve the controllability and safety of products.


  • Industrial automation: In industrial automation, products can be used to monitor key parameters such as fluid pipelines and equipment pressure to achieve fine control of automated production.


  • Structural health monitoring: In the field of infrastructure, pressure scanner can effectively monitor changes in wind pressure on the surface of structures, such as bridge structures, and provide reliable data support for project research and bridge health monitoring.


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