BWSENSING assists CREG, the largest shield machine company, for China's "smart" manufacturing.

January 9, 2024
Latest company news about BWSENSING assists CREG, the largest shield machine company, for China's "smart" manufacturing.


"The shield machine is called the "King of Construction Machinery" and is an important symbol to measure the level of a country's manufacturing industry. Today, 7 out of every ten shield machines in the world come from China. What kind of industrial chain support is behind this?” (Source From CCTV)


"CREG is short for China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd, which is China’s largest complete shield machine company, is the "chain leader" in the industry chain. Over the years, CREG has driven the development of more than 1,200 companies through this collaborative innovation mechanism" (Source From CCTV). Among them, in order to improve the precise control and stability of the shield machine, CREG selected the inertial sensor products of BWSENSING. BWSENSING has become a trustworthy partner of CREG with its excellent technical strength and advanced sensor technology.


As one of the advanced smart sensor manufacturers, BWSENSING's inertial sensors have the characteristics of high precision, high stability and durability, and can provide reliable measurement data in complex environments. BWSENSING's smart sensor products are widely used in IoT structural monitoring, industrial automation, intelligent driving and other fields. The application of this series of sensors enables the shield machine of CREG to guide and control more accurately and efficiently during the construction process, providing solid technical support for the construction of urban underground projects.


It is reported that BWSENSING's inertial sensors were used in key parts of the shield machine such as the mechanical arm and cutterhead in this project. Through real-time monitoring and feedback, the intelligent control of the shield machine was realized. After CREG adopted BWSENSING technology, the attitude control of the shield machine has been significantly improved. The application of inertial sensors not only enables the shield machine to respond more flexibly under complex geological conditions, but also greatly reduces risks and losses during the construction process. This not only helps improve the safety of project construction, but also provides strong technical support for the smooth progress of the project.


"At the same time, engineers are constantly promoting the renewal and upgrading of shield machines, and China's shield machines are still developing towards intelligence and "unmanned excavation." Thanks to my country's complete industrial chain and constantly iterative technological innovation, today, China’s shield machine has occupied 70% of the global market, with thousands of upstream and downstream companies. CREG alone has more than 1,600 shield machine orders, exported to more than 30 countries and regions around the world, and its production and sales have ranked first in the world for six consecutive years." (Source From CCTV)


In the future, CREG and BWSENSING will continue to strengthen cooperation, work together to promote technological upgrading and innovative development in the field of shield machines, and inject more advanced scientific and technological elements into my country's transportation construction and urban planning.