BWSENSING Builds A Solid Line Of Defense For Disaster Prevention And Reduction

May 13, 2024
Latest company news about BWSENSING Builds A Solid Line Of Defense For Disaster Prevention And Reduction

On the occasion of National Disaster Prevention and Reduction Day, BWSENSING has recently successfully assisted China Huaneng Group in launching the slope monitoring project of Longen Wind Farm Substation, further strengthening its disaster prevention and response capabilities. The implementation of this project marks an important step forward for BWSENSING in the field of intelligent disaster prevention, providing strong technical support for the safe operation of wind power stations.




The Longen Wind Farm Substation of China Huaneng Group is located in a changeable geological environment, and the slope stability is directly related to the safety of the substation and surrounding areas. BWSENSING corresponding call for disaster prevention and reduction and deployed an advanced intelligent monitoring system, including 4G wireless inclination sensors, avalanche gauge and GNSS monitoring stations. These devices can monitor the stability of slopes in real time and transmit data in a timely manner to ensure that relevant departments have sufficient response time to take preventive measures.


BWSENSING's products lead the industry with their cutting-edge technical features, including high-precision monitoring capabilities, stable long-term operation performance, convenient wireless communication capabilities, and easy-to-deploy designs. The 4G wireless inclination sensor in the project solution can monitor the slope angle changes in real time and realize real-time transmission of data through the 4G network; the avalanche gauge is used to monitor soil movement and crack development, providing data support for early warning; GNSS station's positioning system can accurately measure slope displacement, ensuring high accuracy and reliability of monitoring data. These data form a comprehensive geological monitoring network, providing the team with real-time surface tilt data, achieving true disaster prevention and reduction, and safe production.




Mr. Xia, deputy general manager of BWSENSING Chengdu Branch, said: "Disaster prevention and reduction is not only a technical issue, but also a social responsibility. By deploying efficient intelligent monitoring and sensing products, we not only protect the safety of infrastructure and people's lives and property "


The successful launch of this project not only demonstrates BWSENSING's professional capabilities in the field of sensing technology, but also reflects the company's active participation in social responsibility. BWSENSING will continue to cooperate with all parties, use high-tech means to contribute to disaster prevention and control in more areas, and jointly build a safer and more stable social environment.